European Tour Reviews

Thursday, November 3, 2011 ·

First Assistant Principal Viola Lynne Ramsey, Music Director Franz Welser-Möst, and violist Mark Jackobs receiving applause at the Musikverein in Vienna

The Cleveland Orchestra is on tour in Europe, performing concerts in Madrid, Valencia, Paris, Luxembourg, Linz, and Vienna.  Here's a sampling of quotes from the latest Austrian reviews, with links to the originals online.

About a Musikverein performance of Strauss's Metamorphosen, the Salzburger Nachrichten said, "the melancholy and unworldliness exuded from the strings from Cleveland with wonderful sophistication and flair for Welser-Möst's desired balance of solo strings in a dense network, with delicate enamel."

Kleine Zeitung noted that the long list of sponsors and individuals in the program supporting the tour underscores the enormous financial effort of executing an international orchestra tour. 

Die Presse remarked,”Franz Welser-Möst has succeeded in building the finest Cleveland string culture.”

In a side-by-side review of The Cleveland Orchestra and the Vienna Philharmonic titled, Magic of ease, elegance of discipline, Der Standard called Cleveland's performance of the Mozart Mass in C Minor at the Musikverein, "a stunning balance of elements," and went on to say, "Chief conductor Franz Welser-Möst organized the relationships between the brilliant Vienna Singverein and the highly competent orchestra, with the concise-cool strings could develop, especially in the quieter passages with a silvery metallic presence."



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